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Bulambuli Valley (9367 miles away from Silicon Valley)

BREAKING NEWS: Our small valley in East Uganda is going head to head with the start-up world to get support for their projects.

Through pitching new ideas such as Chicken™, the 3D Egg Printer and Chair&Co, the human charging station, the people from Bulambuli Valley are sending a message to the world via an Indiegogo campaign: don’t just back Silicon Valley, back our valley too.

Sandra quoteC4D is going where no NGO has gone before – to the heart of the tech start-up world to compete with crowdfunders of smartwatches and virtual reality kits to get backing for the people making chairs and growing tomatoes in rural Uganda. In the same way tech entrepreneurs believe their products can save the world, so we believe supporting the entrepreneurs of Bulambuli can change their world.

Today we have launched a crowdfunding lookalike campaign video on Indiegogo for the entrepreneurs of Bulambuli: simple ideas being pitched to the world as the groundbreaking products they can be – with the help of those who pledge.

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But we don’t stop there, we also want the voices of our entrepreneurs to be heard by the most influential innovators of our time – Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and Richard Branson to name but a few – through face-to-face dedicated videos from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. And with your help, we hope they will be seen.

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Through all this, we aim to crowdfund $20,000 to develop new “start-ups” in the Valley. But our ultimate goal – to create a permanent Innovation Hub in Uganda – will allow us to support many more entrepreneurs in rural Uganda build their own future in the years to come.

It’s a risky approach, but if it works for Silicon Valley, why can’t it work for Bulambuli Valley?

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