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Be part of a community that believes in the power of entrepreneurship to create positive, sustainable social change
Saving group

With previous support, our community has successfully established saving groups in rural Uganda who are now setting up their own profit-making businesses.

However, vital ongoing costs need your support. Our biggest cost is local salaries for staff who establish the saving groups and provide training, monitoring and support. These staff are essential to ensuring the saving groups are successful.

And it’s not just the existing groups who need your support, our community wishes to increase its impact through establishing more saving groups. There are groups who are ready to start saving right now – your support is all they need!

Our community believes in the power of business and entrepreneurship to create positive social change. Empowering economic freedom and sustainable financial independence – your gift is an investment to enable rural communities to bring dreams to life.

What impact does my gift have?

Your gift helps create and support saving groups. After their second year, groups can apply for funding for income generating ideas to become financially independent. Your support helps these businesses get on their feet in the first two years.

Different kinds of donations
What can I expect as a community member?

As a community member you’ll receive a regular newsletter with updates on the people and projects you support.

If you donate £25 or more a month you can choose to receive a personal thank you call or video message from a member of one of the saving groups.

For £50 or more a month this could be a regular call or video to keep you personally up to date directly from the members of the saving groups.

All community members after their first year will have the opportunity for us to facilitate a self-funded visit to Uganda to visit the saving groups in person. If you would like more information please contact