Getting stuck in: Busabulo saving group developing their business plans

It’s all about the training!

The past week was all about training! It was quite an intense 7 days but I have enjoyed it immensely and so did the communities.

We started with 5-day training of members who’ll have formed our 5th savings group around Busuguya village. After initial hiccups with the venue, we got the training off the group and it was led by a microfinance expert from Mbale. The first day was all about setting out expectations, core principles of Community Managed Micro-Finance organisations and discussions and group work on poverty and savings. Over the next few sessions we moved onto discussing each components of the savings group in details: social and education fund and the savings itself. The members learnt how does the loan drawing mechanism works and the importance of becoming a group that works together. Towards the end of the training program the group together with the trainer practiced how does the meeting look like in real life. The final day was all about conflict resolution and the importance of choosing the right committee members.

Community lies in the heart of Communities for Development and training is the key to long lasting improvement in our Ugandan communities!

The last day of the savings training has also marked the beginning of an income generating training for the Busabulo A savings group established back in 2012. We had brought a consultant experienced in delivering business training. We kicked it off on Wednesday and I was delighted to see the group actively interacting and participating in discussions. During the first session we discussed the importance of micro-enterprises in details focusing on five main points around it. We then moved to discussed critical factors in determining the desired activity such as existing market and competition, capital needed, pricing and so on. Third day marked a day long learning about profit and loss statement, record keeping and establishing start up and working costs. We will continue the training over the coming days and start yet another training for the next new savings group. Busy times!

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Skills development is an essential element in improving the employability and productivity in the community and can be an important tool for reducing poverty and exclusion. Community lies in the heart of Communities for Development and training is the key to long lasting improvement in our Ugandan communities!

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