Postcard from the Valley

Dear beloved CfD followers,

We do apologise for the radio silence. Far from idle though, we’ve been busy bees over the last few months. And now we are back with a vengeance to tell you about all the hard work that’s been going on in CfD’s London HQ and out in Bulambuli Valley – and what’s in store for 2017.

#BackOurValley Campaign

It’s been five months since our crowdfunding campaign blew us all away (doesn’t time fly?!) smashing our $15K target to raise funds to kickstart a plethora of new start-ups in the Valley.

Since then, we’ve been drawing up plans to invest the funds in a host of new business ventures. Watch this space for updates on Bulambuli’s smart milk dispensers from Cow&Cows and more.

Endless thanks goes out once again to our faithful and generous backers – your thank you videos and rewards will be on their way to you soon, we hope you can forgive us the wait!

Entrepreneur t-shirt and bag

The wait is nearly over…your Bulambuli treats will be on their way soon!

We were also honoured the #BackOurValley campaign, launched in collaboration with DUDE Creative Agency, cleared up at the IF Italians Festival with a host of awards and has now been shortlisted for the Charity Film Awards (organised by BAFTA)! Great to have the recognition, even better that more of the world get to hear the story of our entrepreneurs.

Back in the Valley

Marta, our incredible 2016 volunteer, is now working toward her Masters in International Development at the prestigious London School of Economics. Not able to stay away for long though, she spent Christmas back in Uganda, visiting the community to see how the saving groups and income generating activity projects she worked hard to facilitate had progressed.

Big Marta with little Marta back in the Valley

Co-founders Sandra and Pilar are also now back in Bulambuli on a field visit, reconnecting with the community and checking in on the progress of projects. The lovely Pilar will be staying until June to continue monitoring as well as oversee the implementation of our ambitious plans for 2017.

New projects

In addition to helping budding entrepreneurs start their new businesses, we’re pleased to announce we will very soon launch our first social project in collaboration with Belinda Swift: the creation of a shallow well in Bulambuli. The project will be supported by a local constructor and will be built in conjunction with the community.

We’re also in the planning stages of a brand new campaign. We can’t give too much away at this point. But you may notice some community members donning some kickass boots…

These boots are made for working

“These boots are made for working…”

We were also delighted to have participated in the DFID OpenIdeo programme. Making it as far as the final round with our “Young Entrepreneurs Club” concept we didn’t quite make the final hurdle – but it was an incredible chance to share our ideas and receive really valuable feedback for our future planning.

Our entry for the OpenIDEO competition. Close, but no cigar...

Our entry for the OpenIDEO competition. Close, but no cigar…

Fresh talent

With our co-founders on the ground, we are excited to have expanded our local team with a new local Project Manager and Field Monitors to work with the communities. We are also looking for remote assistance on grant writing and our communication strategy. Whether you’re studying or working, volunteering with us can be a great (and fun!) way to get some experience with an NGO. If you are interested in becoming our Grant Writer Officer or Communications Officer please get in touch for more details.

We Need You!

Get involved, join our team!

Thanks for all the support that got us this far – we hope you will continue to follow us and the journey of our entrepreneurs as they expand their economic opportunities and strengthen their community. We’ve got a feeling 2017 is going to be our best year yet…

So many opportunities lie ahead.

So many opportunities lie ahead….bring on 2017!

Once again, we are sorry to have been gone so long, we endeavour to stay in touch more regularly from now on. Keep an eye on your virtual post box.

Lots of love from the whole CfD team xxx


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