Income generating activities

Financial tools and training empower entrepreneurs to build businesses, support their families and transform their communities

Communities for Development does not want to limit its activity to just training on microfinance but wants to implement projects to help people prosper by creating their small businesses. We do so by supporting income generating activities of those members of the community who have been saving for at least two years in one of our saving groups.

Income Generating Activities (IGAs) consist of small businesses managed by a group of people to increase their household income through livelihood diversification.

After a group has been in a Saving Group (VSLA) scheme for 1 year, the group receives an introductory training to IGAs (“creation and management of small businesses”). During the second year the group can put into practice what they have learned through a small IGA before receiving full training on IGAs at the beginning of year 3. After the training, participants submit their proposals (either in small groups or the whole group) to C4D and after a careful evaluation we select the most sustainable projects to support and fund.

To support the creation of these initiatives, we offer kick-off grants to the most sustainable proposals. Grants make up up to 60% of the total start-up cost of the project. This provides a much needed boost to their business at the initial stages while also encouraging individuals to take responsibility and ownership of the project through direct investment of their own savings.

We continually support our entrepreneurs during the design, implementation and monitoring of their chosen IGA through training and ad-hoc support. Currently Communities for Development have delivered training to 4 groups, three of which have set up their businesses and are working hard with our support to keep their businesses going!