Social projects

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

Community woman workingWe’re continually looking for ways to create even broader change, faster. This includes working more with women, young people and children. It also means tackling broader social issues within the community. Some of the projects we hope to develop in the coming months are:

Maternity Services – It is estimated that each year in Uganda 5,900 women and girls die in pregnancy and childbirth. In addition to the saving groups which facilitate women becoming financially independent, we wish to develop partnerships to enhance access to quality maternal healthcare in the Bulambuli District.

Vocational School – We believe that anyone can make their own future. By providing the skills and education young people need, they can develop their own trade and businesses. We wish to set up a vocational school for young people to be able to learn a trade through training and apprenticeships so they are able to start their own businesses when they are adults, with a new generation able to own their own future.

Kindergarten – Education cannot begin young enough and we believe in giving children the best start in life by giving the power of knowledge. We wish to set up a kindergarten to provide care and education for young children in the community, allowing their development to begin at a young age as well as freeing up parents to pursue business and skills development that will secure a brighter future for themselves and their kids.

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