Meet an entrepreneur from the Valley: Peza

As part of our interview series, Marta Zgodzinska had the honour of five minutes with one of the veteran entrepreneurs of Bulambuli Valley Community – as beautiful as she is wise, Peza not only has an extensive family to look after but overseeing the business activities of her saving group involves some mothering too…

Peza, founding member of Bulambuli’s saving groups.

Marta: Good morning Mai Peza. How are you today?

Peza: Mulembe Nariaka Marta. I’m fine, thank you.

M: Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.

Peza: I am 80 years old and 2 months. I have 3 kids and 14 grand children.

M: How long have you lived in Bulambuli?

Income generating activities group

Peza’s saving group holds a business strategy meeting

Peza: I lived here for the past 60 years and before that I was living in Sironko.

M: 60 years…I bet you have some stories to tell! 

Peza: Ha ha, yes too many for five minutes. Come back later and I can fill you in.

M: I definitely will. What is your role in the community?

Peza: In my younger days I was running a small business on my own: I was making yeast from millet and selling it. Now I help oversee the business activities of the saving groups – I can pass on my knowledge and experience which can help members in the community gain new skills and find their way with new business ideas.

M: I’m sure you have a lot of wisdom to share. If you could start any new business, what would it be?

Peza: To have my own small hotel.

M: And, most importantly, what is your favourite meal?

Peza: It will have to be matoke (plantain grown widely in Africa).

Marta eats veggie Ugandan food

Volunteer Marta tucks into some Bulambuli grub

M: If you could choose one person to have a dinner with, who would you pick?

Peza: I’m going to say my husband – he’s always so busy in the garden!

M: Tell him he needs to take a break! Thank you Mai Peza and all the best!

By supporting entrepreneurs like Peza, you can help her pass on her experience and wisdom to help the next generation develop their skills and business ideas and in turn strengthen their increasingly thriving community. Two weeks left to #BackOurValley!


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