Leah from Bulambuli

Meet a Bulambulian entrepreneur: Leah

Posho and greens, troubleshooting in the Valley, and the trials and tribulations of launching Uganda’s first smart milk dispenser – this week C4D’s Marta Zgodzinska goes behind the scenes for an exclusive chat with some of the key players in Bulambuli Valley’s startup community to get a glimpse of who they are, their dream business ideas and of course their favourite food…

Leah – Chair of Buwebele Savings and Loan Association and manager of Cows&Cows, the smart milk dispenser.

Marta: Mulembe Mai Leah. How are you today?

Leah: Mulembe Marta. I’m fine, thank you. Very happy actually as our first cows for our cow rearing and milk production business arrived recently!

Entrepreneur with cow

Cows&Cows’ first smart milk dispensers arrive to the community

M: That’s great! I’m glad to hear it. Today we’d like to have a chat with you about your experiences as the chairperson of the saving group as well as group’s income generating activity manager. But first tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.

Leah: I am 38 years old and I have 5 dependents living with me: 4 of my own kids and 1 child of my brother’s that I look after. I’ve been married for the past 14 years to my husband Patrick.

M: How long have you lived in Bulambuli?

Leah: All my life really, 14 years in Buwebele and before that in Buyaga where I grew up.

M: What are the challenges of being a chairman of the saving group and the income generating activity manager?

Leah: There are some but I enjoy the work and satisfaction it brings. I need to deal with conflict resolution and I am often made responsible for problems within the group. I also have a small catering business so if there’s some function or training I supply food – I’m a busy lady!

Buwebele saving group meeting in action

Buwebele saving group meeting in action

M: Why do you think an income generating activity is important for the community?

Leah: It is very important because it brings the services and products to the community so that everyone can benefit from them.

M: And tell us, what’s your favourite Ugandan dish?

Leah: Posho (a maize flour mixed with hot water carbohydrate) and greens.

M: What’s your dream business idea?

Leah: Open my own produce shop. That’s my big dream! And educate my kids better.

M: Thank you Leah.

Marta snaps a Cows&Cows selfie

Marta steals a Cows&Cows selfie

With your help, entrepreneurs like Leah can grow their own businesses, earn their own income and find their own path to economic freedom – will you help Leah get there? Pledge your support, back our campaign, or even buy a cow today!


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